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The Bruery Share This Coffee Imperial Stout 750ml

The Bruery Share This Coffee Imperial Stout 750ml


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Let's move beyond the concept of grabbing a beer, and reach for something bigger. This is a journey that transcends beer as we know it. Share This is a new series of beers that fills us with both satisfaction and pride in our ongoing exploration of what we can achieve with beer. Each release in this series will spotlight unique ingredients and an important cause. Share This: Coffee is an imperial stout with freshly-roasted coffee sourced by Mostra Coffee from the Philippines. For each bottle we produce, Free Wheelchair Mission receives one dollar, in turn, helping friends in the Philippines become mobile for the first time. Food Pairing: Champorado, crispy pata with soy dipping sauce, Sartori BellaVitano Espresso cheese. A helping hand and lift off the ground.
Category Imperial Stout
Region California
Brand The Bruery